Members of Aberdyfi’s Presbyterian Chapel enjoying  the Coronation ‘Big Lunch’

Members of Aberdyfi’s Presbyterian Chapel celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III by holding their own Coronation ‘Big Lunch’ on Sunday, May 7th.

Leader of the chapel Simon Morgan said “ It was lovely to celebrate the Coronation together and be part of the ‘Big Lunch’ that was happening all over Britain on Sunday.”

“ We all gave a toast to our new King Charles 111 after our Sunday Service and then enjoyed a delicious celebratory meal. “

“ Many thanks to Sheila Houghton and Ann Lakin for our wonderful  Coronation flower display – created with flowers from their gardens- and thanks to Margaret Morgan for making our extremely tasty Coronation Chicken and Quiche lunch and also to Janet Lloyd for making the fabulous and delicious  Coronation Puddings.”

“ We all thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and were happy to be celebrating our new King and the start of a new era.”


Members of Aberdyfi Presbyterian Chapel at their celebratory Coronation Big Lunch


Coronation Flower Display by Sheila Houghton and Ann Lakin